Assignment 1

Pick one of the ten principles for good design and find an example of a product or service that reflects this principle. Describe in more detail how this product or service represents this design principle.

  • Good design makes a product useful.

A product that reflects this design principle is the Philips hue wireless dimming kit. The product is a simple light bulb and a wireless dimmer control on a dock that can be placed anywhere. The wireless dimmer is useful in turning a non-dimmable lamp into a dimmable lamp and the dimmer can control up to 10 light bulbs. The design is simple, it has four buttons an on and off and two dimmer settings buttons.  The reason I bought this product was to use with a lamp that had no settings just on and off. The wireless dimmer made my lamp more useful because now I was able to use it at anytime of day without worrying if it is too bright.

iOS App Design Principles

  • How did this reading change your perception of app design?

The reading made me realize the importance of knowing who you are designing for, the way information is presented, and how important a first impression is to a user, and not just about the appearance of the app.What do you think are the most important parts of good app design?

  • What do you think are the most important parts of good app design?

Focus on the primary task.

Make usage easy and obvious.

Use user-centric terminology

Brand Appropriately

Make search quick and rewarding

Be Succinct

Use UI elements consistently

Delight people with stunning graphics.

  • What did you learn from this article?

I learned that it is important to know who you are designing for so that you display information that is important to them and so that you can use the correct terminology for your target audience so they can be able to understand what to do and so they don’t lose interest in the app. I also learned to leverage user’s prior experience by using icons and buttons that they might recognize from other apps that they might have used.


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