Assignment 2

  1. What is meant by the term Competitive Landscape?It is a way to analyze your competitors and see competitive apps strengths and weakness.
  2. What is User Experience Mapping? It is a way to identify users problems they currently face and solve the problems with real users or personas. 
  3. What is meant by “Kill the Baby”?It is the process of eliminating unrelated, inessential or unrealistic ideas from the app.
  4. What is skeuomorphism?Design element that are designed to look like real world buttons.
  5. Tell us what steps are included in the “Idea and Design” Process.Competitive landscape, User Experience mapping, Personas, The definition, Sketching the interactions, Establishing the Theme, Testing, Launch




The app starts with a signup page to give the app a more personal feel, as you sign up it ask for a goal that you are counting towards. In the home screen you can also add an image to your profile and on the side is the user’s name and goal. Under that is the current count with the goal or purpose you are counting towards. When you add an entry the current count is shown at the top of the screen.If you set a goal the app count will change colors from green all the way red indicating you are about to pass the goal count you set. The app can be customized so you can track other things, for example, John can also add the amount of money he spends per coffee and the amount of coffee he drinks. I also included a stats screen with a goal line and at the bottom it calculates the average coffee per month/day/year and other options like money. John can also share his progress through facebook and twitter. The app also has a rewards screen to keep the user motivated like daily check-ins etc. The app also features a community page where users can interact with other users that share the same goal.




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