App Critique 1

App Critique 1

MLB at Bat

  • Is the design appropriate for the target audience? Who is the target audience?

The target audience is major league baseball fans who don’t want to miss a baseball game. The design is appropriate for the target audience the app allows you to choose your favorite team and just keep track of them with play by play notifications. With a paid subscription you can watch live games or listen in on a game from your phone by clicking on the tv icon or headphones icon located at the top, or for free you can check the live scoreboard of your favorite team along with top stories, video clips, tickets, and team info.

  • Does the content, organization, and navigation make sense for a mobile or touch context?

The content is organization does make sense the app displays the current game scoreboard at the top which is the most important thing a user will like to quickly see. The navigation also makes sense because it gives you more option but when you select an option it is not for your favorite team it in for all the teams.

  • What is working well? What could be improved and how would you improve it?

I think what is working well is that you can focus specifically on one team but it can be improved by including the scoreboards for all the other games possibly hidden and you can expand it if you tap the drop down button. This would be important especially towards the end of the season if two teams are tied and you want to keep updated on multiple games.

  • Discuss one of the 17 Android Design Principles and how it relates to this App (in either a positive or negative way)

Only interrupt me if it’s important

I like how you can choose what notifications you get like game start, game end, scoring plays, lead change, and news. I like being able to choose because when I first downloaded the app I received notifications for everything and it became annoying but know I only get what I find important.  


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