Assignment 3

  1. Complete an informal Competitive Analysis: find 2-3 Mobile apps that do something similar and summarize what they do, and outline their best and worst features. is an appointment scheduling software that works with your computer and android or apple devices. Simplybook offers a free membership but is limited to 50 bookings per month. The amount of booking a month varies per membership the most expensive is $59.90 per month and offers a 2000 booking you can make per month and if you pass that you can buy additional bookings. They are made for any business, when you sign up you get a website and that how users will make their appointments. The offer a lot of great features like online payment and facebook msg bookings that will allow users to make appointments through facebook. It seems that their mobile app doesn’t work that well so if the app doesn’t work users have to book an appointment through the phone or on the business website.


Schedulista is another appointment scheduling website for any business to use and they also have mobile apps for android and iPhone. The most expensive plan for Schedulista is $39 per month but it’s for a staff of 2-15 and if you have a bigger staff you have to contact them for pricing. One of the features I found surprising was credit card capture and it is a way for a business to charge for no-shows. I think this feature is something that will not appeal to users it almost feels untrustworthy.


  1. Work on defining your Mobile app concept:

The concept of my app is targeted for barbershops and their customers. It will serve barber shops that want to take appointments online by simply adding their shop through the app. And it will also serve users to make appointments through the app quickly at any time and from any place.
3. Work on the second draft of your Concept Generation Worksheet to formulate your concepts and to come up with a final concept.20170306_224448


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