Project 2

  • Are they male/female?

The people I interviewed were all male

  • How old are they?


  • Where do they live?

They all live in the la area

  • Do they have children?


  • Are they married?


  • Where are they when they use the app?

They are most likely to be at work when using the app

  • Do they love a competitive app? Why?

No, the barbershop owner does not use any competitive apps neither does the client

  • What do they do?

They work at barbershops

  • What do they have in common?


  • Why are they interested in the topic?

It’s part of their job. And the client cuts his hair twice a month and it’s something he has to fit in his schedule

  • Who are they trying to impress?


  • Who impresses them?


  • What Internet tools do they use most every day?

facebook, pandora and yelp.

  • What Internet tools do they not use ever?


  • What drives my target to make decisions?

A Busy schedule.

  • Can they afford my app?

Not sure if the app will be free

  • Can I reach them with my app? Are they accessible?

Yes, the app will allow barbers and client to message each other through the app.

  • Are there enough people in your target to be profitable?

Not sure

  • How does your idea resonate with your audience on an emotional level?

They find it useful for them and would definitely like to give it a try

  • Do you need to break your target up into niches?

Yes the app has to serve both barbershop owners and their clients

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