Midterm Project

  • What’s your app named?

Pencil Me In

  • What problems does it solve?

It allows barbers shops and salons to take appointments online by adding their business on the app, and it also allows users to book appointments through the same app. Users can make appointments at any time and from any place.

  • Why are you passionate about this technology?

I really think that the app would be useful for both shops and their clients, many people cut their hair and the app will open accessibility at any time.

  • Who is your user?

The user of the app will be barbershop and beauty salon owners and their clients.

  • Why will they want to use your app?

For barbershops and beauty salons it will help them take appointments through the app without having to setup a website. From a user standpoint, you can quickly make and cancel an appointment so if anything comes up you don’t have to wait for business hours to reschedule.

  • How is the app organized (user flow)?

Since the app will serve two different users I thought it best to start with a welcome page and from there the user will decide where to go next after that the user will have the option to log in or sign up. Once the user signs up they can explore shops and book appointments at the end they will have a page where they can confirm the scheduled appointment.

  • What are the main sections and features?

The main section for clients that want to book appointments will be the profile screen. From there they can see if they have any upcoming appointments and search or explore barbershops.For the shop owners, I would like it to be similar to the shop screen the only thing I would add is an edit feature so they can edit their page. I would still like to add features that will help users stay organized and allow them to be reminded when their appointment is and even add it to their calendars.  

Definition statement

  • The purpose of your App

The purpose of my app is to reduce the time spent taking phone calls for appointment bookings, manage schedules for barbershops and beauty salons, and for their customers to quickly make appointments through the app. I don’t want to eliminate the method of taking appointments through the phone I want to expand the accessibility users have for making appointments.  

  • Who it’s for and how they’ll use it.

My app is for barber shop/beauty salon owners, their employees, and their customers. Barbershops and beauty salons can set up an efficient and organized way to take customers appointments and for their customers to quickly make appointments. Barber shops/beauty salons can set up their business and add employee schedules and start taking appointments, and customers will be able to make/cancel appointments, view prices, message barbers directly if they are running late or if they have any questions.  

  • It’s core functionality.

The app’s core functionality is to set and organize appointments for barber shops or hair salons and for a customer to quickly set up appointments.

  • Pain points
  • When a barbershop is full barbers usually have to decide who will answer the phone. The app will reduce the number of appointments made through the phone.
  • If the user forgets when they set their appointment the can look at the app and it will let them know when their appointment is set and can even notify them on the day of.
  • When running late you can directly message barbers and let them know otherwise barbers will think they won’t show and instead attend someone else.




User flow diagram/flowchart

Wireframes (Balsamiq)

Pencil Me In


Wireframes (Sketch)


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